BVB-Sneaker 2016 – Schwarzgelb von Kopf bis Fuß

Deichmann setzt die Kooperation mit Borussia Dortmund und der Sport- und Lifestylemarke PUMA fort. Gemeinsam haben wir für euch den brandneuen BVB-Sneaker kreiert! Der in limitierter Auflage produzierte Sneaker ist erstmals auch für Borussinnen, nämlich insgesamt in den Größen 36-48 verfügbar. Somit dürften nicht nur die Herzen der männlichen Borussen höher schlagen. Auch Roman und Lisa Weidenfeller haben ihn schon – schaut am besten selbst!

Sichert euch hier schnell euer Exemplar:
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Complex’s Joe La Puma takes Ben Baller to RIF LA to shop for sneakers and talk about how reselling has changed.

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Sneaker Shopping With Ben Baller from Complex.
Video Rating: / 5

3 Responses

  1. Tomasz Jankowski

    Such an asshole, just because he doesn't like LeBron's he thinks people should get beat up… Lebron could break this clown in half if he wanted to wearing lebrons on his feet.

  2. Joel Keister

    The Lebron's comment was dumb but aside from that he contradicted himself a couple times… He picked up those 11s and said they were his 2nd favorite shoes of all time then a few seconds later @ 4:50 he says they're his all time favorite… And then at the end he says "oh this is just another day for me" and then in the next breath he says, "i wouldn't have done this of it wasn't for complex"… So which is it? You cop sneakers everyday or you only did it for complex? Plus he went on that rant about how he's only been wearing Vans then he gets all those J's. Some people try too hard and come off extra lame.

  3. Darryl

    How much wil be nike lil penny posite all star, gumbo league worth next year?

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