‘Coral’ PUMA R698 Winterized Women’s Sneakers On Feet w/ Lace Swap

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Clips by: Constantine Konovalov
Music by: Fab Martini

Puma is one of the only active wear companywithout a tagline. I came up with: “Day. Night. Forever.”
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11 Responses

  1. BnyKickz22 Manny C (Bnykickz22)

    Bro so are these woman size? Dope laces also

  2. Kittyz Designs

    Paying 54$ is great but these are ugly

  3. judge Thomas

    I said that last time but he did it again he keeps Waring those grey joggers when he is showing a pair of shoes

  4. judge Thomas

    If he wares those grey joggers one more time in any video I'm going to unsubscribe from him and smack somebody's mom

  5. Rayvandi Winata
  6. Sam Hunt

    They look really good on feet, especially with that lace swap :)

  7. conor13640

    damn, wish they made a size 12 or 11.5 :(


    You should do a review on Retro oreo 5's

  9. Enoch Hart

    I thought these were Saucony's at first, still fire though. They'd look really nice in a red suede colorway

  10. Mr _X

    man they're ugly as hell

  11. Ambrose Morgan

    Honestly some women's shoes men can pull off, but I'm not gonna lie those look really really feminine on foot. I personally wouldn't rock them.

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