FENTY PUMA by Rihanna | Behind the Scenes with The Trainer

Take a look behind the scenes with Rihanna and PUMA at a photoshoot for The Trainer – Rihanna’s take on a traditional work out sneaker with a fashion-forward and futuristic flair. An all-new PUMA silhouette, The Trainer is a fearless sneaker with exaggerated proportions. Designed to draw attention, push boundaries, and change the footwear game, The Trainer is a step into the future.

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  1. Sclapione Rocco

    What's with this emulating my gen's stuff ?

  2. hero haert

    the shoe sucks it is sad the people going to buy it loooool

  3. aldair villa
  4. Jorge Nevares
  5. kateerin parra
  6. Alexander Csonka

    congratulations on the new line of shoes and good luck with your tour with much love and yours truly ARC

  7. Alex Robdson
  8. Davi Vie

    Whats name froom model

  9. Mehmet Akyürek

    rihanna ıloveyou

  10. Himalayan MusicVevo

    I see that boy who was on Rihanna's we found love.He was ugly there

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