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  1. Sam Seering

    ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhmmm ahhhh ahhhh

  2. tlb31m

    BTW when u go show us the white pair

  3. tlb31m

    Ppl been talkn bout these 4ever im try this sat sold out on bape

  4. tyktis 420

    Hey, if you have any clothes or something from Puma x Bape, how do they fit? TTS or size up?

  5. Jose Velasco

    disc blaze fit true if not half a size smaller. I have the 3m reflective ones can't believe so many people been sleeping on this fire for so long.. but I like the exclusiveness"

  6. Pro Habits

    I want these bro People are sleeping

  7. David Ramirez

    are they true to size or fit small?

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