Rick Ross goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Rick Ross and goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles with Joe La Puma to talk about Air Jordans and his sneaker rivalry with DJ Khaled.

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How To Have A Great Sneaker Collection, For Cheap

Cop some classic Puma Suedes here – http://bit.ly/1QsBUa1

Pickup some Vans here – http://bit.ly/1NtgSK3

Here’s a tip video on how you can add a little more substance to your sneaker collection without having to shell out a lot of money! Hopefully you guys like the video and got something out of it! Be sure to hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed the vid, and subscribe if you’re new around here! My Twitter and IG links are below, thanks for watching!

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36 Responses

  1. Mason Taylor
  2. Harpal Bhachoo

    Rick Ross acts likes he's the sheik of Saudi-Ara'nywhere. Prat a tat tat

  3. Connor Clarke
  4. Esco Esco
  5. jamalb4life

    You gotta spend when you come on the show ? Lol

  6. Eric Gonzalez

    He forgot da cement 3s

  7. LarryBTV
  8. Vitalis Otene

    when the fuck did rickrose slim down

  9. kyle kenney

    this fucking guy, only there to make people spend money lol


    once again the NIGGERS got themselves a winner

  11. RG4L FoReVeR

    He only brought 3 shoes and the total is $4,000, I could have got like 200 pairs of sneakers with that money.

  12. meer khan

    u need to make ur own Rick Ross u well out sell any shoes sneakers believe me

  13. kevin budda

    Bunch of rich ass idiots wasting money, pretending to act hard rubbing there hands bc they bought some sneakers from china. Fucking boss lol…………

  14. Truuf Huurtz

    Pay attention to how many times this fake fat bitch police officer says the number "6" ……fake fat bitch. You may fool the world but in reality you aint shit but a fat fucken ugly CO that is fake in every aspect and oh yeah…..you pay real niggas for yo G pass. YOU A JOKE JUST LIKE YOUR MASTER "SATAN"…….ENJOY YOUR FEW YEARS OF FAME CAUSE YOU KNOW WHERE YOU GOING

  15. The Secrets of the Universe

    5:00 mark Joe didn't looked impressed. Rick Ross is the biggest joke, he has his pants hanging off his ass and he sounds very ignorant (which in the rap game makes you gansta!)

    Why do people look up to these insecure weirdos? Hard working people give money to this loser who spends for 4k on 3 pairs of shoes that will be worn out and dirty because they are shoes..haha

  16. S Sing

    fuck retail prices!!

  17. Patch
  18. frosty

    what where the shoes at 3:55 ??

  19. Ryan Lewis

    I know this is an old video but the tips are awesome, some sweet advice man!

  20. Jayvin Gavros
  21. Carter Zwart

    This is a great video, will be picking up some of these shoes, another good, cheap shoe is the Adidas SL Loop

  22. Bob booby

    I can't find the grey pumas anywhere.

  23. Memphis Thunders

    great advice man

  24. SaLty_pRiNgLeS

    At my school i am the only person that rocks puma suede kicks

  25. Pernection

    I wouldn't even go to $100.  Why buy all these quality material but keep them on the shelf?

  26. Nathaniel Thomas

    I AGREE 100%!!!!

  27. kevin15776

    Totally agree! Great video!

  28. maryam keshtkaran

    if shoes go over 600 or 700 dollars then i think it might be getting expinsive for me lol i might think about it before i buy those

  29. hawk keys

    buy your shoes at ROSS

  30. Adam

    i always have a pair of off white chucks in my collection, i mostly stick to adidas and nike tho 

  31. Danny Byrne

    I dont even collect shoes or anything, but nice vid man!

  32. Michael Gronholm

    Don't forget about the Adidas Stan smiths

  33. Noah Blalock

    Hey where's the New Balance outlet near Mass, which is what I assumed you were talking about?

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