RONNIE FIEG Interview. Sneakers, resell, KITH, Puma Disc, haters… il dit tout.

RONNIE FIEG nous a donné une interview à l’occasion de sa venue à Paris pour le Coat of Arms KITH, son pop-up store parisien. Resell de sneakers, les haters, New-York, ses inspirations… il nous dit tout. Une vidéo

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  1. Robert Desi

    Everyone sucks this guys D, some his shit is cool no doubt, but if asics or Diadora had something like a Nike ID where I can choose color ways this dude would have been irellevant

  2. tlb31m

    wolverine is yellow and blue

  3. Luca Caravita

    I'm SELLING one ultra-rare Ronnie Fieg x Quintin x Pendleton hat (limited edition 60 pieces worldwide)

    If anyone is interested send me a mail at: caravita.luca @

  4. SwagIsOverUsed

    It is about the hype, boy you should see how much they talk about him in my school . 

  5. C. Tran

    Def got respect for this dude, well said.

  6. C. Tran

    man i hope these may re-stock again one day. haha

  7. GamingGodzTV

    I like being the only one at school with my COA's

  8. FatBoypro1
  9. Laurent Van Damme
  10. Victor simmons

    He said it best. 

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