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  1. Sherry Heath

    Hey What up Bro went Burlington coat factor cope pair of nike zoom kiger 3 they retail for 125 but got them at Burlington 50 I thought that was steal of a deal

  2. SpeakZz

    OMG so fresh dope sweg shoe bro

  3. Julian Tejeda

    I got the blue n yellow ones for $24.
    The ones here were the same amount at the burlington I went to.

  4. Evan Kenneth

    U got some Hairy ass legs

  5. alex saavedra

    Get the apple watch 

  6. mike adams

    FYI… the DISC takes the place of laces.  When you put them on turn the disc and it should tighten the fit (or loosen it.)  If it doesn't then the Disc is not working.  Sometimes these sneaks have a faulty Disc.  You can also see the black wires shorten/lengthen as you turn the disc.  I was trying to watch as he played with the disc but I couldn't tell cause he did not hold the shoe still and he didn't play with the disc enough.  They are comfy though.  

  7. mmae841

    You got a ebay account were you sell things ?? 

  8. Ari Chakravarty

    They cost 40$ looool

  9. Jaimez Hurden

    OMG SO FRESH SHOE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW MUCH BRO

  10. Abisai Hernandez


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